Dolphin Assisted Births Are Really Not a Good Idea – Kveller
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Dolphin Assisted Births Are Really Not a Good Idea

We know, you’ve had this ongoing dream for your child’s birth since you were a 10-year-old girl obsessed with Lisa Frank and applying magenta glitter nail polish and sparkly lip gloss. Yes, you secretly always wanted a dolphin to assist you at your baby’s birth.

And yes, we agree, dolphins are majestic, highly intelligent creatures. I mean, they can actually recognize themselves in mirrors and refer to their dolphin peers using names. However, not to burst your magical bubble, you probably don’t want a wild animal, who could weigh up to 11 tons, with you at your most vulnerable moment.

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Maybe dolphin-assisted births sound crazy to you, but it’s apparently a craze many people are risking their lives over, according to News Week and Business Insider. While some, like Russian midwife Igor Tscharkofsy, claim dolphin-assisted births help children achieve milestones earlier, others claim it’s actually the opposite. Think of all the bacteria and pathogens wild animals, and the ocean alone, are home to. We could all do without that.

We’re all about animal therapy, but maybe stick with safer, more well-studied cases, like having a friendly therapy dog at your kid’s birth instead.

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