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Every Hospital Should Have This Co-Sleeping Bed for Moms

Whether you had a c-section or a vaginal birth, you’ll wish you had this new bed after you gave birth. Australian parenting site BellyBelly shed light on a new invention: a maternity bed with a little side-bassinet. This way, a mom wouldn’t even have to get up to hold and take care of her baby. This, folks, is the stuff of dreams.

Unfortunately, though, there’s no actual information on where these fantastical beds can be found. While BellyBelly is particularly advertising this bed for c-section moms, it can be handy for any new mom. Because, you know, birth hurts. There are co-sleeping bassinets that you can get for your bed at home already, but why not for hospitals? Wouldn’t it make sense that the first moments with your newborn be easy and accessible?

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New moms are dealing with a whirlwind of physical trauma and emotion right after their baby’s birth, so you’d think American hospitals would get on this. Hopefully, technology like this will be implemented more, so moms can feel comfortable after such a life-altering event.

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