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Every Parent Needs to See This IKEA Christmas Commercial (Yes, Even if You’re Jewish)

IKEA Christmas commercial

With the winter holidays already bombarding stores and advertisements everywhere, it’s hard not to find yourself preoccupied with what to get your kid for Hanukkah (or Christmas, if your family celebrates that, too). But there’s always one thing that gets overlooked, regardless: family time.

In a video by IKEA Spain, 10 families were asked to participate in an experiment where their kids revealed what they really wanted for Christmas. Children ages 4 to 9 were asked to write two letters: In the first, they wrote to The Three Kings (Spain’s version of Santa) stating what they wanted for Christmas. In the second letter, the children wrote what they would ask their parents for Christmas. What they said isn’t what you’d expect.

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While the video is from 2014, it’s making the social media rounds again. Be sure to watch the video in its entirety below. We think it’ll pull at your heartstrings just like it did for us:

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