Family of Jewish Boy Killed in Sandy Hook Shooting Slam Gun Control Opponents – Kveller
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Family of Jewish Boy Killed in Sandy Hook Shooting Slam Gun Control Opponents

The family of Noah Pozner, the 6-year-old Jewish boy who was killed in the mass school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut three years ago today, have been publicly criticizing gun control opponents. According to JTA, Pozner’s grandmother took a stand in a Washington Post Op-Ed on the event’s third anniversary, stating:

“Guns don’t kill; people do. Yes, that’s true. An open society can never protect itself completely from evil or insanity. But it can start by preventing the distribution of the powerful weapons and ammunition that have been used to kill our grandson and so many other innocents.”

In particular, Marie-Claude Duytshaever, Noah’s grandmother, specifically called out Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, as he defends the right to bear arms without any inhibitions.

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Noah’s parents, Lenny and Veronique Pozner, also spoke out in an Op-Ed in the Florida Sun-Sentinel in regards to Florida Atlantic university professor James Tracy, who has stated that President Barack Obama staged the Newtown shooting to promote his gun control agenda. The Pozners mentioned how Tracy’s comments were supported by his “frequent collaborator” and known Holocaust denier James Fetzer.

The Newtown shooting was the deadliest mass shooting at a U.S. primary school, and Noah was one of 20 children and six adults who were killed by 20-year-old Adam Lanza. Our thoughts go out to Noah’s family and all the victims of this gruesome tragedy, today and every day.

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