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FREE STUFF ALERT: MagneticShul, The Game Where Kids ‘Play’ Synagogue

magnetic shul

When you think of synagogue, you probably don’t think of kid’s games–or kids just itching to go to synagogue (because obviously, they’d rather be playing Minecraft with their friends). But now, your kids can do both–they can play AND learn about synagogue. What sounds better than that?

We’re giving away one MagneticShul, which is a game that allows children to play and learn about Jewish ritual. Each set is an 8x10x1 box, which includes a background of the sanctuary and over 50 magnets of the people and props. This game is an especially helpful tool for children with special needs, as Shabbat is usually experienced auditorily, but now, it can be experienced visually.

Enter to win the set by entering below by Wednesday, March 23. We will choose one lucky winner.
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