Friday Night: Happy Passover... ? – Kveller
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Friday Night: Happy Passover… ?

I came across this Passover card amidst a Passover and Easter display at a coffee shop on the Upper East Side of Manhattan (that has a semi-Jewish name, so you’d think they could get it right!)

Look carefully. It’s a Passover seder plate, with all of the symbols of the holiday. Now, on the typical seder plate, you’d see the word Pesach in the middle–Passover. But on this not-so-seder-plate, the Hebrew letters in the middle are Shin, Bet, and Tav. Which don’t spell Pesach, but rather, Shabbat. Which is an entirely different holiday.

We figure it’s a perfect photo for today–the Shabbat of Passover. We hope you enjoy them both!

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