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General Mills Just Made This Groundbreaking Promise to Parents

It’s hard to imagine a major corporation having their consumers’ best interests at heart these days, when red meat, especially processed meat, was recently proven to cause cancer. General Mills, one of the world’s largest food producers and distributors, is about to rock your world.

It recently created a new advertising campaign launching their groundbreaking change: It will begin removing all artificial flavors and colors from its cereal products. The company is responding to concerns (although unproven at this stage) over health risks of genetically modified foods and those that contain flavoring and coloring elements from unnatural sources.

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So, they’re making a promise to parents everywhere, having even titled their new campaign “Parent Promises.” And if General Mills is going to make a promise to anyone, it should be to parents. Because parents have to worry about pretty much everything, and worrying about the ingredients in their kids’ food shouldn’t be one of them.

Associate marking manager of General Mills’ cereal lineup says the company wanted to stand by parents, and make them feel supported, stating:

“There’s something really special about the calligraphy in this video. Like a handwritten note, it is more personal. The calligraphy and art also convey an array of emotions highlighting the humor, challenges and unconditional love that every parent experiences in everyday moments with their children.”

Prior to this campaign, the company made its new gluten-free Cheerios, and replaced their cereal mascot Tricks with a real rabbit. They’ve put their money where their mouth is so far.

What do you think of their new campaign? We personally love the part about ‘twerking.’ If you’re not sure what that means, make sure to watch the entire video below:

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