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Getting Ready For the 2014 SAG Awards with Mayim Bialik


Alright, people. The last of the January awards shows is this weekend. The SAG Awards are the awards of the union of actors of which I am part of. The votes are cast by actors, for actors. It’s a peer event and I am feeling the weight of that with every fiber of my being.

Trust me on this one. It is a true honor to be acknowledged by people who know exactly how hard it is to be an actor and to make choices we actors make, and all of that artsy crafty actor stuff that non-actors think sounds bonkers and just really dumb.

I am nominated as part of our cast and individually as an actress in a category that is comprised of lead actresses and little old me. Yeah, I was shocked, too.

Here’s how I am feeling going into the weekend:

1. The Dress

We’ve done it again. Seriously. Rachel Livingston is about to be your favorite designer because this dress she made for me from scratch is stunning. Really truly special. It’s astoundingly delicately made and I won’t reveal too much except the following: Victorian. High collar. Buttons ALL THE WAY DOWN THE BACK. Yeah, it’s really nice. Stylist Alison M. Kahn is very excited, too, and she’s working on shoe and jewelry options as we speak. She cried when I tried it on for the tailor. We’re doing good.

2. The Speech

I have not written a speech. The SAG Awards are under two hours, and speeches are limited to 45 seconds, so I barely think anyone can even thank anyone. Do I think I will win? No way. Like not at all. I even forgot that I needed to prepare a speech at all. Like I literally forgot that being “nominated” means I have to hold my breath as they announce the winner and I need to remember not to cry and just keep smiling and clapping. So yeah, no speech.

3. The Guest

An old friend of mine from college is coming with me. He and I are very silly together and very goofy and he will make me laugh a lot, I am sure. I am a female person who happens to have very close relationships with guys. I am friends with his wife, too, and we also hang out together. Anyway, this friend of mine is a wonderful support, a lot of fun, and I am excited to bring him with me.

3. The Anxiety

General anxiety is at a low. This too shall pass, I know. My social awkwardness never goes away, but I feel so amazing from my Israel trip. I am still on a high from that trip and work is going great; Jim and I had a huge episode last week for Valentine’s Day, and I even cleaned my dressing room so that poor Fancy Assistant Brandon doesn’t feel like he is working in a teenager’s closet, which is generally what my dressing room looks like.

I am excited to get through the SAG Awards and I hope our show wins, but mostly I am excited to be done with so many events in so few days and go back to being a person whose schedule is mine to make, who can plan on seeing my kids at more regular intervals as I’m used to. And I am really looking forward to not having to wear SPANX for at least a few months!

Here’s another picture of me touring the Shrine Auditorium for some publicity/campaigning I did this week for the SAG Awards. Enjoy.

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