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Call Your Mother

Getting Snippy (Episode 39)

second snip

In this week’s episode, Jordana and Shannon chat with a very, very special guest: Shannon’s husband, Jonathan Goldberg. Although Jonathan has been clamoring to be a guest since Call Your Mother launched earlier this year, the hosts refrained inviting him until he took drastic measures to ensure he’d have something to talk about: He got a vasectomy.

OK, OK, he didn’t actually get a vasectomy just to get on the podcast (although the timing is suspicious). The three discuss why a man can and should get a vasectomy, and Jonathan bares his soul about why he opted to make this “vas deferens” in his life. 

Rather than calling Gram this week, Jordana and Shannon call Simon Myerson, a charming British father of four who had his own vasectomy 20 years ago, for his thoughts on the subject. Plus, Jordana shares a tale from the Unusual Injuries in Parenting file — this one involves a hairbrush and an eyeball.

This is the final episode of Call Your Mother’s first season. Please send any comments, questions, ideas or thoughts about the season to!

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