Gloria Steinem Is Rebelling Against Donald Trump’s Presidency: 'He’s Not My President' – Kveller
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Gloria Steinem Is Rebelling Against Donald Trump’s Presidency: ‘He’s Not My President’

It’s no surprise that the Jewish feminist and social activist, Gloria Steinem, won’t be taking Donald Trump’s impending presidency without a fight. She planning a “full-on revolt” against Trump’s White House, as she recently told The Guardian in an interview.

The 82-year-old said how she has never seen anything like this before–and she’s seen a lot:

“I have never in my lifetime seen a president who was such an egotist. He’s a sociopath, a racist, a sexual predator. There are great dangers because he is dealing with heads of state. He’s not my president.

“I suspect many fewer people are going to tell me we live in a post-racist, post-feminist world now.”

Despite the fact that she’s in her 80s, the feminist icon is not slowing down anytime soon–and doesn’t consider her political activism the kind of work you retire from, stating:

“I’m going to live to 100. I’m never going to retire. Would I retire from life? This is my life!”

Steinem also pointed out that women younger than her have been extremely outspoken, despite the overall stereotype that social media has taken over activism. She explained how her outspoken behavior helps younger women stand on their own:

“I’m not giving up my torch, thank you very much. I am using it to light other people’s torches — and I’m finding they don’t need me. There are vastly more activists than there were in my day… More women and men identifying as feminists… 

My job is to bring people up. I almost never speak [at functions] alone, I bring people with me so they become better known. I try to do only what I can do. But sometimes I am the only person who can get someone on the phone. Sometimes you need to send a signal to people who would otherwise not know the names.”

Regardless of whether or not you agree with her politics, Steinem’s dedication and perseverance to her beliefs is admirable–and a quality we should be teaching all young girls. Just because your opinion may not be the most popular doesn’t mean it’s wrong, or not worth fighting for. History has taught that time and time again.

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