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Going Green, Eh?

Just last week, Canada became the first country in the world to ban bisphenol A (known as BPA), a chemical compound found in most plastics that, when heated, gives off gasses that disrupt the endocrine system and slow human development.

Until recently, lots of baby bottles, toys, and rattles contained BPA. Some companies in the United States have smartened up, but you still have to check products pretty carefully to see what they contain.

David Greene, owner of Livegreene, a store in Palo Alto, has put together a list of products that are organic, recycled, repurposed, and, of course, BPA free.

For eating and drinking at home and on the go:

  • BPA-free, recycled plastic baby bottles and sippy cups
  • Stainless steel snack containers and water bottles (with BPA-free plastic sippy cup tops)
  • BPA-free plastic toddler dishes, cutlery and cups made from recycled yogurt containers and milk jugs
  • Non-toxic ice packs with covers made from recycled soda bottles
  • Sandwich wraps made from reusable and recyclable plastic
  • Lunch bags made from organic cotton
  • Reusable bamboo utensils

For wearing:

  • Organic (never been treated with pesticides) cotton “onesies,” caps, mittens and booties
  • Child-size cashmere-like gloves made from mechanically manufactured bamboo (as opposed to chemically manufactured bamboo, which is rayon)

For playing:

  • Stroller and cuddle toys made from organic cotton
  • Toys made from repurposed industrial scaps of natural materials
  • Toys made from rubber wood, which does not splinter and is sustainably grown and harvested.
  • Toys made from recycled plastic
  • Toys made from recycled cardboard and soy-based inks
  • Toys made from bamboo

For creating:

  • Recycled crayons
  • Low volatile organic compound glue
  • Glue sticks made from almond (they smell like marzipan)
  • Biodegradable play clay scented with organic essential oils
  • All-natural botanical watercolor paints
  • Colored pencils made from recycled newspapers
  • 100% recycled construction and drawing paper

Please let us know about your favorites!

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