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Hanukkah Gift Guide: Jewish Jewelry

As a true Fashionista I have a real appreciation of  jewelry. Of course it’s a weakness of mine, but add a little Jewish flair and you have me sold. Jewelry with special meaning that connects me to my heritage is something that always stands out to me.

This Roman Glass-Star of David ($52) is so beautiful and different then the other Stars of David you see when it comes jewelry. The beautiful blue triangle looks like a fire opal. and the filigree in the other triangle is so dainty.

This Silver Plated Red Leather Bracelet With Jewish Symbols ($54.95) catches my attention because it’s red, which is my favorite color, and is different form other bracelets I’ve seen. I have to admit that I prefer my Judaica jewelry to be less ostentatious, so this is perfect.

I’ve been wanting a Hamsa necklace for some time now. Not only do I find the designs and different ways to interpret the hand beautiful, but the sentiment is wonderful. My niece went off to college this fall, and I got her a Hamsa necklace for her graduation present. I wanted to be sure she was protected when she was away from home.

When I saw the Diamond Hamsa in White Gold ($336) my first thought was how magnificent this necklace is. The Sapphire in the middle representing the eye is a beautiful touch. It would surely be the piece to pass on from generation to generation.

On a lower budget the Floral Hamsa With Pearls ($62) is a beautiful understated necklace, that can be worn every day.

I think I’m going on year five of asking my mom to get me a Glass Evil Eye Bracelet ($23), and I still don’t have one. I think I have to remind her again for Hanukkah this year. The evil eye jewelry is meant to do exactly as it sounds. It is meant to ward off the evil eye. These bracelets are the most popular evil eye jewelry. I love it in red, what color would you get?I am helplessly addicted to Etsy when it comes to finding items that stand out. Etsy has no shortage of original gorgeous Judaica jewelry that are works of art, and of course completely unique.

I mean who wouldn’t want these Dreidel Dreidel ($12) earrings?This Agate Necklace and Earring Set ($59) speaks to the uniqueness I love.

Finally, I would like to wish you all a good life with this beautiful Circle of Love With Chai Charm ($75). You add your child(ren)’s name(s) on the circle. It’s a wonderful way to keep your child(ren) close to your heart.

Ladies share this list with your family so they know exactly what to choose from when getting you a gift.

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