Hanukkah Is Being Destroyed--Your Chocolate Maccabees are Actually Santas – Kveller
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Hanukkah Is Being Destroyed–Your Chocolate Maccabees are Actually Santas

The war on Hanukkah is real, guys. Forget about red Starbucks cups, this is about chocolate. And how dare anyone mess with our chocolate Maccabees?

ModernTribe recently started selling these adorable Maccabee chocolates meant to be the perfect little gift for your 6-year-old–they’re kosher, kitschy, and delicious. How could this be a bad thing?

Well, it’s Santa’s fault, really. Somehow, Santa snuck into the tin foil shaped-Maccabee, fooling everyone in the process. What a surprise for all the unsuspecting kids.


When ModernTribe founder Jennifer Rivlin Roberts realized what happened, she stated in a now missing Buzzfeed article:

“The next thing I did was call our supplier, who are way more observant Jews than I, who basically said, ‘Yeah, what of it?’ They said they couldn’t afford to purchase a new chocolate mold and chose, instead, to use the chocolate company’s Santa mold. His question to me was, ‘is this blasphemous or offensive to someone, what’s the big deal?'”

I mean, you might as well swap in reindeers and a baby Jesus instead, right? Or just, you know, carve a Star of David in Santa’s belt. Or pool in to buy the supplier new molds, because Hanukkah.

Meanwhile, ModernTribe is keeping its customers up-to-date about what it plans to do with the chocolate on Facebook. Personally, we just love chocolate so much, we’ll eat it anyway.

What do you think of this whole chocolate mix up? Let us know in the comments below.

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