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Happy Birthday to Jim Parsons, A True Mentsch

Two weeks ago, the cast of  The Big Bang Theory participated in a panel discussion with the creators and executive producers of our show for the PaleyFest in Beverly Hills. It was an opportunity for us to be interviewed in front of about 500 fans, and the panel was broadcast all over the country and internet as well. We took questions from the audience, as well as from the moderator, Pauley Perrette (from “NCIS”).

There was a red carpet before and the event tends to be on the casual side, but since I don’t wear pants and my idea of casual is a denim skirt, black 3/4 T-shirt and Payless flats, I was nervous about what to wear, since I tend to inevitably look overdressed because of my tznius (modesty) choices. I barely understood why stylist Ali told me to wear what I wore, but my outfit got rave reviews. Go figure. (If I learned one thing from my make-over on “What Not To Wear,” it was to not trust myself in anything fashion-related and listen to someone who can be trusted.)

Speaking in front of hundreds of people is very scary for me, but I was seated next to my co-star and on-screen sort-of-boyfriend Jim Parsons, and that already made me less nervous than I was.

I have an affection and fondness for all of the actors on our show for different reasons, but Jim holds a special place in my heart and life and I’d like to highlight the qualities he possesses which I seek to emulate and look for in friends. Out of respect for his privacy, I won’t get too personal, but I think there are people in our lives who have such strong character that it’s worth speaking about them–and him–generally, as a reminder of the things we ourselves hope to bring to others.

Humility. This is something lacking in many people, and often especially lacking in actors and celebrity-types. Jim is exceedingly humble and modest. He never makes me feel small, and he behaves respectfully even in the face of tremendous praise and accolades.

Sense of humor. Jim is serious, but he also has a wicked sense of humor. He knows how to bring levity to heavy situations in a delicate and elegant way.

Intelligence. Jim is well-read, he follows the news, and he speaks with clarity and thoughtfulness. He’s not afraid to show his smarts but he never flaunts them.

Compassion. It’s actually a rare quality, compassion. Maybe it’s his Southern upbringing, but he’s such a gentle soul and he cares deeply about big things and little things.

Professionalism. Jim is a consummate professional. He is focused, diligent, and always prepared for work. He takes his job very seriously and he is a model for the excellence of the craft of acting in every way.

Honesty. I never have to wonder if Jim is being straight with me. Whether it be about something I’m wearing, something I’m eating, or something I’m doing as Amy Farrah Fowler, it makes for such a safe personal and working relationship to know that someone is being honest with you.

Humility, a sense of humor, intelligence, compassion, professionalism, and honesty. These are the qualities of my beloved co-worker and they are qualities I seek to possess. I feel so lucky to have Jim as a friend and partner in comedy crime.

It’s Jim’s birthday this week. I can’t wait to celebrate with him, because he’s an exceptional person and friend and I rejoice when he rejoices. If this post touches you, maybe call up a friend of yours who has qualities you admire and seek to emulate and tell them. Tell them what they mean to you and what their friendship means to you.

Then perhaps the world will be just a little brighter and more repaired today than it was yesterday. Here’s to friendship and repairing the world in one fell swoop.

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