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Harriet Tubman Will Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill

Finally, we can all rejoice over the fact that Harriet Tubman will eventually be on the $20 bill, as announced today by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. It’s about time a woman (especially a black woman) made an appearance on a U.S. bill. Thankfully, Tubman will be replacing former President Andrew Jackson (because, you know, he was only one of the most racist presidents ever).

But Tubman won’t be the only woman to appear on U.S. money–Lew is also going to announce that leaders of the Suffragist movement will be on the back of the $10 bill, of which Alexander Hamilton will remain the face.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Lew had originally stated in a memo to President Barack Obama back in 2015 that he intended to remove Hamilton from the $10, as he wanted to replace him with Susan B. Anthony. I’d totally be all over that change–it’s about time historical figures who were women got the recognition they deserve–as they have shaped our nation’s past and present history just as much as men have.

Unfortunately, these changes will probably take a long time to actually see. CNN reported that it’s likely it may not happen until 2030. Nonprofit campaign Women on 20s has been pushing to get a woman on the bill by 2020.

We hope to see more women and people of color on currency within our lifetimes. Because history is not just comprised of white men.

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