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Mayim Bialik

Heading Back to Work on Season 7 of The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory” went back into production this week on our seventh season. Although I have only been a regular cast member since season four, I feel a huge part of this amazing cast and show, especially as we head into this new season nominated for an Outstanding Comedy Emmy.

What does it look like when I go back to work? Well, it’s a lot like the first day back at school. I am excited to see my friends and co-workers, and our staff and crew, and I am also a little nervous… It’s a lot of hugging and catching up and smiling and chit-chatting and I’m not the most socially smooth person.

I have a new dressing room with my own bathroom and shower (I used to share and annoy guest actors since I work out at the Warner Brothers gym and hence would need to use the shower in that bathroom a lot!). I asked that nothing be hung on the walls so I can bring in my own stuff to hang. I did bring in a framed picture Kaley Cuoco gave me of her and me and Melissa, and some “photo booth” shots Melissa, Johnny Galecki, and I did at a CBS photo shoot last week. And this sort of hideous but also awesome retro kitty cat clock.

I brought my mini shampoo and body wash and some make-up so that I can look presentable after the gym and shower. I used all of that stuff today, actually, since I started the season off right by going to the gym before work! It felt great to get back into that rhythm and sweat and lift weights again (bet you didn’t guess I love weight-lifting!? Well, I do!).

We all sit around a giant table and read the first script of the year. Our creator and executive producer congratulated those of us nominated for Emmys (I’m one of them!) and also congratulated our show for its nomination. It was very exciting and jubilant.

We like working together. We all love being part of TV history in this way, and it’s good to be back on a schedule. I know where I have to be every day pretty much, and my schedule with my boys is more regular which I think is better for all of us. It’s great to be back and I hope you all enjoy Season Seven as much as we will enjoy making it!

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