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Heartfelt Portraits Show Kids Holding Photos of Themselves as Preemies

Thanks to advancements in modern medicine, premature babies are able to develop and thrive just as healthily as full-term infants. Despite these amazing progressions, however, it’s still a traumatic experience for both baby and parents.

Biologist and photographer from Québec City, Red Méthot, wanted to commemorate the beauty and strength of preemies with a portrait series, where prematurely-born children and adults hold photos of themselves as infants.


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The most poignant and heartwarming part of the project is the stark contrast between the color photos of the happy and healthy kids holding photographs of their former selves lying in incubators in black and white. The inspiration for this moving project hits close to home for the photographer: his own two children were born prematurely. They are also both featured in the project.

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His own experience also inspired him to learn more about prematurity, stating: “Before [they were born], I knew pretty much nothing about prematurity. So I decided that this photo project would [enable] people to know more about this topic.”

Don’t forget to check out the beautiful portraits below:

Cet album montre des portraits de personnes nées prématurément qui ont parfois eu un parcours difficile en début de vie….

Posted by RedM on Monday, August 3, 2015

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