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Heartwrenching Video Perfectly Captures What Moms With Sick Kids Really Go Through


Watching your kid suffer through a serious illness is every parent’s worst fear. But for many parents, this is a reality–and a reality that is often not talked about. This is why the SickKids Foundation created an ad that illustrates what moms go through when their child is suffering through an illness–and how strong moms have to be during these moments of pain.

The ad is also unique in that it features real moms of kids who are battling an illness or disease. The video has definitely struck a heart wrenching chord with many parents, as it’s garnered nearly 177,000 view on YouTube since it was published on April 10. Many parents commented on the video, expressing their gratitude for having their story–or a story like theirs–being told:

“Wow… been there, done all of that and continue to push thru each day. What a powerful video. Thank you to whomever made this.”
“I know a Mom who is at Sick Kids right now, going through hell, hoping her 2 month old baby will be OK. She is a strong woman, but even strong women can only take so much. Thank you for this video, it show a little, what Mommies go through.”
“Oh man. I’m in tears. This video. The PTSD is real and this video is bringing it out. They captured this struggle perfectly. I’m going to go finish crying now.”
“So many tears. As a parent, I never know when the breakdown will come, but I remind myself everyday how blessed we are to see the sun rise.”
Watch the video for yourself below:
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