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Here Comes Award Season!

As we all know, it’s officially the month of awards! Maybe you didn’t know; I forget every darn January. I’ll get you up to date:

The People’s Choice Awards are tonight (we are nominated for best show), the Golden Globe Awards are Sunday (we are nominated for best show), and the Screen Actors Guild Awards are in two Sundays (we are nominated for best show). There are no Supporting Actress categories at any of these awards shows so sadly, I’m not nominated. But it’s okay. With how stressful it was for me at the last Emmys, maybe it’s best I get a break this month…

Far be it for me to bite the hand that feeds me, but let’s just say that I’m not the hugest fan of all of these awards shows and it’s got me fairly stressed out and anxious. Why? Well, first of all, we all know I’m a modest dresser and that that’s a challenge in an industry that adores half-naked starlets on red carpets. Second, I’m socially anxious, as I described in my jury duty post. Thirdly, I’ve dubbed myself very endearingly “the fattest woman in Hollywood” because believe it or not, it’s a challenge finding dresses that fit my large (by Hollywood standards) frame. And finally, I’m in the middle of a divorce and am sort of tapped out emotionally so my baseline is… let’s just say, a tad frazzled.

I am not doing the red carpet aspect of The People’s Choice Awards tonight for a variety of reasons, but that made for some last minute dress drama because most designers won’t loan me a dress if I don’t show it off on the red carpet. And since I often have to modify dresses to cover parts of me I don’t tend to show off, last minute can be tricky.

We found a dress, though, and I will post pictures aplenty of it in the coming days. I’ll also do a Top 10 from this Sunday’s Golden Globes, since those awards feature both TV and movies so the chances are good I’ll get to attack Clive Owen, but I could be wrong, I’ve been wrong before.

Also, my dress for the Golden Globes is thus far my most favoritest most princess-y most lovely dress I’ve ever been lucky enough to wear, so I’m super excited about that. It’s got sparkles, sequins, and it’s got layers and layers of tulle and a satin belt and it’s so lovely. I feel like I should be dancing in The Nutcracker as the Sugarplum Fairy in it or something. And come end of January, I will let you know how the Screen Actors Guild Awards go, too. You’ll be all up to date.

Because I wouldn’t be Mayim if I only wrote about divorce, outrage at rape, and cleaning my toilets, now would I?

Happy awards month and I won’t lie: I hope we win. I also hope our nominated actors win. Fingers crossed on all accounts!

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