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How You Can Help Houston Families Right Now–Even From Afar

Houston was hit with a devastating hurricane this past weekend–and as the rain continues the aftermath is scary. Many people are without homes, had/have to evacuate their homes, and can’t access food or transportation.

They need our help.

And yes, you can help, even if you don’t live in Houston, by donating to these causes below (all of which are working round the clock to help those in need):

1. Texas Diaper Bank is an organization that helps children, largely supporting the basic needs of babies, children with disabilities, and also senior citizens.

2. Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund is exactly what it sounds like. It was created by The Jewish Federations of North America as a way to help victims of the hurricane received food and medicine, trauma counseling, and emergency services.


3. Houston Food Bank is an organization where you can donate time, food, or money to help those in need.


4. The Driscoll Children’s Hospital, located in Corpus Christi, is now accepting financial donations now. If you live in the area, you can also donate blood.

5. Coalition for the Homeless is accepting donations and volunteers to help with the homeless population of Houston.


6. Portlight is an organization that helps people with disabilities. Per a statement, they are “providing technical assistance and guidance to prevent disaster survivors from being turned away from shelters, denied sign language interpreters, denied their civil rights, inappropriate institutionalization and experiencing many of the same issues as in past disasters.”


7.  Austin Pets Alive has been helping evacuate pets, find care for pets without owners, provide pet food, and are accepting online donations.

8. Trusted World is a nonprofit organization that is currently providing three shelters for evacuees, in addition to offering supplies like food, clothes, diapers, baby formula, and more.


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