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Here’s the Coloring Book You Need to Empower You During the Women’s March

Yes, we all know. Tomorrow is the big day–Trump will officially be our 45th president. For some, this is a frightening time–which means that it will be a day full of anxiety and dread–which means it’s also a good time to indulge in a little self-care even if you are marching or protesting in some way (you know, other than all the mom stuff you do on the reg).

The Coloring Book to Inspire Action was created by Sarah Routman and AnnaMarie Ronning, and it’s aim is to “heal, support and motivate all of us during the Women’s March.” It’s a really smart activity to do if you are actually traveling to DC for the march (or a local one in your city), or to do with your kids and/or partner as a way to think of positive things you can do to create change for the year ahead.

The best part? This coloring book is free, so all you have to do is print it, which you can do here.

comic book

Now you can at least color your stress and anxiety away, a little. It’s not a bad thing to disengage from social media as much as you can during the day and listen to music that calms you. I know I’ll definitely treat myself to some dessert, because why not?

Don’t forget to check out Laughter Doodles website here–and all of the other coloring books they have to offer. I personally already printed out the coloring book myself for tomorrow.

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