Hilarious Dad Uses ‘Pokemon Go’ to Persuade His Kids to Do Chores – Kveller
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Hilarious Dad Uses ‘Pokemon Go’ to Persuade His Kids to Do Chores

Getting your kid to do chores is worse than pulling teeth sometimes. They will find any excuse as to why they absolutely cannot pick up their toys (“But mommmmm, I’m trying to catch a Pokemon/my neck hurts/Dad said I don’t have to.”). This is why one genius dad is using the popularity of Pokemon Go to get his kids to put away their clothes.

Seth King is a dad who decided to do something creative about getting his kids to do their chores. So, he created a new game for his kids called “Chorekemon Now!” How does it work? They can pursue creatures like “Floormander,” which they can catch by vacuuming their room–or “Toiletascrub,” which only becomes available once they’ve cleaned the bathroom. Amazing, right?

King posted a photo of the Chorekemon rules on Sunday on his Instagram account:

In the caption, he wrote:

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. I put googly-eyes on all the cleaning stuff in the house. I’ve never seen my little boys more motivated. Anyone want to partner on an APP with me?”

I think every parent should steal this idea.

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