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Hilarious, Too-Real Illustrations About Mom Guilt From Orli Auslander’s “I Feel Bad”

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.30.43 PM

Orli Auslander is a mom, writer and artists, and hilarious chronicler of her own guilt. Trying to understand her own self-reproach (was it a Jewish thing? A British one?) she began keeping an “I Feel Bad” notebook that simultaneously testified to her guilt and anger, and made her feel sweeter and more generous by purging it. The collected musings and illustrations from the book are combined in: “I FEEL BAD: All Day. Every day. About Everything,” on bookshelves this week.

Kveller is lucky enough to be able to a selection of the book’s illustration below. We guarantee you’ll laugh, shake your head and say, “Oh my god, I know.”

All images copyright Orli Auslander/Blue Rider Press.

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