'Hipster Barbie' Proves You Can Be Jealous of Toys, Too – Kveller
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‘Hipster Barbie’ Proves You Can Be Jealous of Toys, Too

I am Barbie, apparently. Or rather, hipster Barbie–the new internet sensation. And I’m not really sure how to feel about this. Typically, no one likes to consider themselves a hipster–it’s kind of what you say about your younger sister’s friends who discovered Bob Dylan for the first time, not realizing everyone already knows who Bob Dylan is.

Meet Socality Barbie: the cooler version of you. It’s already been proven that using social media increases depression, because of a thing called “social comparison.” Basically, we compare ourselves to other people–noticing all the cool things they’re doing and how awesome their lives seem, forgetting it’s just perfectly manicured, not actually perfect. But now, it’s not just people that will make you feel bad about your life–it’s toys too.

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When perusing the hip Barbie’s Instagram account out of curiosity, I had a sudden realization: I, too, wear wide-frame glasses, enjoy the ocean and hiking in the mountains when I’m not in Brooklyn, and have occasionally used the #blessed hashtag. (I’m sorry, OK…) Luckily, my captions aren’t as vomit-inducing, such as the self-important: “A flower doesn’t think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” Or this: “Everyone you will ever instameet knows something you don’t.”

The horrifying (but hilarious) similarities can be clearly seen, although hers are more artistically orchestrated:

barbiebeach mebeachpicbarbiecoffeemycoffeebarbiefeet myfeetbarbieglasses blackandwhiteglassesbarbieicecreammyicecream

Lesson learned: Socality Barbie will make you think twice about that selfie & food gram forever. And probably rightly so. And, you know, it’s time to get off the internet and just live your actual life with less comparisons. Because who has time for that?


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