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Hits of the Week from Kveller

It’s that time of week–here are the most popular posts from Raising Kvell from the past week. Enjoy!

I Was So Crazy I Wrote a Baby Manual, by Jordana Horn. In which Jordana finds an extensive manual she wrote for how to care for her firstborn, and remembers just how neurotic first-time moms can be.

Interview with the creators of TheJMom, by Molly Tolsky. In which we learn about a new dating website where Jewish mothers can go to set up their kids.

– Kveller’s got two giveaways going on right now: Win a Mamaleh t-shirt, just in time for Mother’s Day, and a copy of this book you may have heard of, Beyond the Sling.

The Rabbi-to-Be’s Job Interview, by Patrick Aleph. In which a rabbinical student proves that he would make just about the coolest rabbi, if you’ll have him.

One Day, Your Kids Will Be Taking Care of You, by Renee Septimus. In which Renee reminds us why it’s so important to raise responsible, empathetic children.

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