Hits of the Week from Kveller: May 27 - 31 – Kveller
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Hits of the Week from Kveller: May 27 – 31

This week’s most popular posts from Raising Kvell, in case you missed them.

– Alone & Freezing My Eggs–This is Not What I Expected. Sallie never thought she’d find herself single, alone, and freezing her eggs in a fertility clinic. But after a cyst tore her ovary in half, she knew what she had to do.

– The Secret of Parenting: Do Less. Could the secret to good parenting be benign neglect? Jordana makes the case to stop doing things for your kids and teach them how to do it themselves.

– The Story of a Pretty Dress & a Creepy Guy. Sarah wouldn’t consider herself a damsel in distress, but there are still times, as a single mother living alone with her kids, when she gets scared. Like when a strange man camps out on her front porch.

– My 5-Year-Old Thinks Vegan & Jewish are the Same Thing. After leaving a non-Jewish friend’s house who still had Christmas lights up, Mayim’s 5-year-old son Fred asked if they were “half-vegan.” Which is when she realized that he thinks being “vegan” and “Jewish” are the same thing.

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