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How a 6-Year-Old Was Able to Buy a Dollhouse & 4 Pounds Of Cookies on Amazon

Isn’t it one of your worst nightmares to imagine your 6-year-old hacking your Amazon account? Well, this happened to one family in Dallas who ended up with a dollhouse they didn’t need–and four pounds of cookies. (Although really, who doesn’t want four pounds of cookies?)

According to CBS 11 Dallas, Megan Neitzel’s 6-year-old daughter, Brooke, accidentally ordered more than $160 of goodies through Amazon Echo. When Neitzel received a confirmation email from Amazon that her order had shipped, it didn’t take too long to figure out Brooke was the culprit.

Amazon responded to the incident in a statement to ABC News, stating that users must confirm a purchase with Alexa (the voice of Amazon Echo) “with a ‘yes’ response” and that they can avoid confirming it by saying “no.” For parents, the company advised that it’s possible to turn off the settings to allow purchases by voice–or set up a code that’s required before making orders. For Brooke’s parents, this is a lesson learned the hard way.

Obviously, Neitzel has now set up the security code for her family’s device. They also decided to give the dollhouse Brooke ordered to Medical City Children’s Hospital, according to an interview on “Good Morning America.” I’m glad everything worked itself out in the end–and that the kids at Medical City Children’s Hospital can enjoy a new toy.

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