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How This Jewish Mom Overcame Roadblocks on the Route to Having a Baby


If you live in New York City, you know Jamie Stelter’s face: She’s the cheery and happy NY1 traffic and transit reporter; the one who tells you how to get where you’re going. But sometimes the path to getting where you’re going isn’t so easy, particularly when you’re trying to have a child.

In this week’s episode of Call Your Mother, Jamie sits down with Jordana and Shannon to talk about her struggles with fertility. While she’s pregnant now with her second child, she’s suffered five miscarriages and endured a very rocky road that included embryo transfers, intrauterine insemination, egg retrievals, and IVF.

Jamie has been remarkably open — in print and on social media — about her trouble having a child with her husband, CNN’s Reliable Sources reporter Brian Stelter, in hopes that she can raise awareness about what many would-be parents go through in their efforts to grow their families.

Jordana, Shannon, and Jamie talk about putting your pain out there, and how hard it can be to get where you want to go. And of course, Jordana’s mom chimes in with good advice on what to do with bad advice.

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