How to Make a Kickass Passover Seder (With Kids)! – Kveller
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How to Make a Kickass Passover Seder (With Kids)!

Passover is almost here–which is scary, because it seems there’s a whole lot of preparation to do in the meantime. The thing that is hardest for many parents is figuring out a way to make seder fun for your kids (bored kids are not easy to deal with). Jordana Horn, one of our contributing editors, gave us some amazing tips in a Facebook Live video on our page.

Here’s some of my favorite tips she gave us (and she’s funny while doing so. I mean come on, she’s wearing a Pharaoh hat):

1. Have A LOT of food. Kids like food. Pre-meals and appetizers are life-savers.

“My children need to eat every 10 minutes. It’s kind of sad.”

2. Using the “Kitchen Passover Game,” which is a game for all ages. Everyone loves games.

3. Know your audience. Make it personally relevant. So, if you have a lot of young kids, gear it to them. If you have people in the midst of adopting, make it relevant to them.

4. Make trivia contests with a prize. Everyone likes prizes.

5. Make playlists–this is especially fun for teens.

Check out more of what Jordana has to say below:

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