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How to Set the Seder Plate

If you’re as obsessed with all of those reality cooking shows as I am (any one with the word “chef” in it is automatically amazing), you know that food is not just about the food anymore. It’s all about the plating. You know what else is all about the plating?


Setting up the seder plate is a key component to the holiday celebration, so check out this helpful video that shows you exactly where everything goes and what it all actually means. (Which is exactly how the ancient Israelites learned to set their seder plates, I’m pretty sure.)


If you prefer your seder plate cheat sheet in cartoon form, check out the image below, which you can also download here to print out and have on hand for your seder.

While you’re at it, enjoy our official Seder Plate music video, sure to get you in the mood for Passover.

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