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I Hate Christmas and Other Things You Should Know About Me

Do you ever pack the kids’ clothes, pack the stack of diapers, pack the toys and the toiletries and the tchochkes and then hop into your packed-full car and think to yourself, with a sense of growing dread…I forgot the kids?

This Hanukkah season, I helped make a bunch of awesome videos (including one that very embarrassingly, but very funnily, depicts the MJL staff drinking at work). But I completely forgot this song, which is one of my favorite songs, which I also helped write (although it also involves some awesome kids, and about 90% of the song is the very talented children’s performer Mista Cookie Jar).

It’s true that I am pretty egotistical, but the truth is, I hate the sound of my voice. And on video, too. Ninety percent of the time I look like Pinocchio with the strings cut off–and with the Jewish nose, too. The fact that we managed to create a song that I can honestly think is cute and funny and danceable and where I’m not just cringing for 3 and a half minutes is, well, I’m pretty proud of it.

Even if — gasp — Hanukkah has been over for almost a week now.

But here it is. I promise, you can still rock out to it if you want to, and Hanukkah Harry won’t come after you. Hey, it doesn’t even reference dreidels or latkes or any examples of Hanukkah kitsch. Unlike, ahem, some other Hanukkah songs.

The good news is that my Christmas song–made with JDub Records’ very on Josh Lamar–is way still in season. Which means that there will be sibling rivalry–and sibling jealousy–but isn’t there always? (We should note: There’s a bit of strong language in this one.)

Merry something or other, folks. And thanks. I promise, next blog entry will not be about me. Maybe I’ll even talk about breastfeeding or something.

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