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I Love You GrubStreet, But You’re a Little Confused

Oh GrubStreet. How I love thee. You are part of New York magazine, which was sort of second to the Torah in my house growing up. (Sometimes first, but that’s not the point.) You are funky, fun, slightly irreverent, and really the epitome of a special kind of New York hip, something I aspire to very much.

However… on this one point you are mistaken: my blog is NOT–I repeat–NOT Kveller.com with its myriad recipes for kugels and articles about body image after having 3 kids (I know Wikipedia was not working yesterday but plenty of other websites could tell you I only cranked out 2!). My blog is www.kveller.com/mayim-bialik. I don’t post kugel recipes (at least not until I find a vegan one I like), and I have only had 2 kids. But I guess I covered that already. And I don’t know if I’m “super-relig,” but I will let you be the judge of that I suppose.

Thank you, GrubStreet for the shout-out. I hope now that you have fallen for Kveller.com in all of its awesomeness you will check out my personal blog which also will be awesome. I promise.

And if you will only think I am cool if I have another kid and post a kugel recipe, give me 9 months and check back in with me. I will make you love me for just being me. Just you watch!

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