I Miss Him When He Sleeps – Kveller
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I Miss Him When He Sleeps

Good morning everybody! Here’s something sweet to start your Wednesday.

He opens his eyes and starts to stir

Calls out for me, because I’m preferred

He nurses sweetly in the chair

I run my fingers through his hair

He’s off to play and make a mess

I haven’t even showered yet

I try my best to get things done

But get sidetracked with Lego fun

My errands now take twice as long

And must include some silly song

He has a tantrum in the store

And flails himself upon the floor

The day drags on, I watch the clock

I wash and dry and fold his socks

I cook a dinner he refuses

And wipe the bib he rarely uses

I kiss the boo-boo on his nose

And clip and scrub his stinky toes

I zip him up in blue pajamas

Such a blessing to be his Mama

We read a story for the hundredth time

The one with pigs that dance and rhyme

I rock him as he drifts to sleep

And know he makes my life complete

Because even after a thankless day

Where everything has gone astray

I hold my son and watch him breathe

And can’t quite bring myself to leave

I ache for him when we’re apart

He’s captured in my Mama heart

I set him down and switch the light

I miss him while he sleeps at night

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