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Interviews with Interesting Jews: Lyss Stern

If you’re a mom in NYC that still likes to pop on a pair of heels and have a glamorous night on the town, Lyss Stern might be your new best friend. We sat down with the founder of Divalysscious Moms, a luxury company for moms and their children that hosts events throughout the city, to find out how she keeps up the fabulous life, post-baby.

Can you give our readers the low down on just what Divalysscious Moms is, and how it came to be?

Divalysscious Moms is a luxury lifestyle company for mothers and their children in New York City that plans events ranging from fashion to fitness, and education to entertainment, for the Sex and the City meets Mommy and Me set.

Founded in 2004, I sought to bridge the gap between my pre-baby lifestyle and newly bestowed motherhood after the birth of my son, Jackson. Rather than eschew my beloved stilettos for strollers, I embraced them both. And voila! Divalysscious was born, celebrating moms that are strong, sexy, confident, and (dare we say it) even more fab post-baby! Everyone is Divalysscious, being the best mom you can be from the inside out!

What’s a typical Diva event like?

I fill New York moms’ calendars chock full of mom and kid-friendly festivities. Think shopping fêtes on Madison Avenue, makeovers at Henri Bendel’s and annual holiday bashes at FAO Schwarz and Dylans Candy Bar. Events are replete with incredible prizes and coveted gift bags filled with goodies like spa certificates, DVDs and beauty products!

One reason to go to a Diva event: chocolate fountain!

You fully embrace the New York City lifestyle. Would you ever consider raising your family elsewhere?

Thank you! The answer is NO! New York City is our home, Central Park is our backyard. This city is the best city in the world filled each and every day with energy, excitement, culture. This is the only city in the world that I want to raise my boys.

Ok, let’s be honest: sometimes Judaism-related things–i.e. Shabbat services, Hebrew school, high holiday dinners–can be a little boring. Is there a way you’ve found to diva them up?

Of course, everything can be “Divafied”! My boys love Hebrew school. The teachers make it exciting for them, not like when I was younger and went to Hebrew School. The moms at our Hebrew School are amazing, strong, and powerful moms. We love getting together to see the children learn, sing, and grow. And yes, we wear our stilletos sometimes in Hebrew School! Shabbat services on Friday nights are my favorite. The moms do get glammed up, and it is such a special way to be together as a family and with friends. High Holiday dinners are a favorite of mine, too. We take out the beautiful china, set the table with gorgeous flowers from Bloom Florist (my favorite in NYC), open delysscious wines, serve the most delysscious foods, and enjoy family time.

Your book, If You Give a Mom a Martini, features 100 “time-outs” for moms. What are some of your personal favorite ways to take a quick break from the hectic parenting life?

I have so many personal favorite “MTO’s” Mommy Time Outs. A few of my favorites are the following:

Find a Bloom for Your Room. Treat yourself to a single, beautiful flower for your bedside table. It will fill your bedroom with a gorgeous fragrance and make you feel special all week long.

Sort your Skivvies! Go through your undie drawer and throw out all your grannie panites. It’ll feel great. Then in your next 10 minutes, get something sexy to replenish!

Recline. Regenerate. Repeat. Next time you’re passing by Brookstone, slip into the store and sit in the giant massage chair, listening to the sounds of the ocean on your ipod.

Return to Fantasy Island. Set up a photo slide show of a fabulous vacation you took in your pre-mommy life. Cocktail and island music recommended.

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