Is Kanye & Kim's New Baby Also Going to Be Baptized in Israel? – Kveller
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Is Kanye & Kim’s New Baby Also Going to Be Baptized in Israel?

So, as you probably already know, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian just had their second child and the new bundle of joy is named Saint. Saint West. Which pretty much everyone agrees is a pretty weird name (though NYMag reported how an LA teen predicted the name in June).

Honestly, this feels like a missed opportunity. Why not Wild West, or some other appropriately themed name? (And really, this kid probably doesn’t need an extra ego boost, considering who the parents are. Kanye does actually refer to himself as Yeezus when performing, and released a song named “I Am God” after all…)

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But the real question on our minds is: Kimye baptized Saint’s older sister North in an Armenian church in Jerusalem, so what about baby Saint? In October, it was also reported that the famous couple is looking to buy property in Israel. Saint West of Israel–has a nice ring, no?

We’re predicting another Israeli baptism within the coming months. It would be appropriate, all things considered.

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