Israeli Jews: They're Just Like Us! – Kveller
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Israeli Jews: They’re Just Like Us!

I just got back from my 10-day trip to Israel through Birthright, the generous organization that takes any Jew living in America between the ages of 18-26 on a free trip to the Holy Land, and I have to say, I’ve got a lot on my mind. Too much, really, to fit inside a blog post. And since I have a lot of catching up to do in the land of Kveller (i.e. I don’t even know whether Natalie Portman held a bris for her baby yet), I’m going to skip the whole big recap for now and leave you with just this one fond memory:

Wherever you go, even in the Holy Land, people have opinions on circumcision. Case in point–I managed to capture this from the bus on the way to Tel Aviv:

I believe what that van is blocking out is “Freedom of choice for newborns.” So even though this debate is getting a little annoying and at times totally out of line, it’s sort of nice to know that it’s not just us crazy Americans who spend hours discussing the rights of our baby’s penises. It’s us crazy Jews everywhere.

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