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Israeli Parents are Not Pleased About Huggies’ New Sexy Diaper Campaign


Is your toddler a little fashionsta? Has she been complaining about her lack of colorful options in the diaper category? Does her diaper simply not match her swagger? Fear not, because Huggies Israel has launched quite the controversial campaign with their avant-garde diapers—in denim!

The denim diaper campaign Huggies launched in Israel has been making waves throughout the Internet, with toddler models posed in what some are interpreting as sexually suggestive stances.

Posing to “Push your fashion to the limit,” little boy and girl models twirl, stare, and pose in their most fashionably patterned t-shirts, scarves…and denim Huggies. And we can’t forget the skateboard and electric guitar props. Oh, and the baby suspenders and chain-link purse. Is Huggies trying to paint the picture of a seductive baby hipster or what?

The Israeli branch of advertising McCann-Erickson thought up the campaign, and though some parents are finding this cute and harmless, others are taking to Huggies’ Facebook and Twitter pages to voice their disgust at the sexualization of little kids who still have to go number two in their pants.

It’s weird to make diapers sexy, and that’s just it. It’s even weirder to see a billboard of Bar Rafaeli directly across from a Huggies billboard, in which the little girls mirror the same exact pose as the sexy Israeli model.

For me, this ad conjured up thoughts of Right Said Fred’s “I’m too Sexy,” and I’m guessing that’s not a good thing.

Watch the full video below and tell us what you think:

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