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It’s Time for Show & Tell! Introducing Kveller’s New Portrait Series

We’ve always been good at using our words at Kveller, but sometimes, a picture really says it all. Which is why we are super excited to announce the launch of our first ever portrait series, Show & Tell. Photographed and curated by Zivar Amrami, the series will feature children, ages 4-12, photographed with their favorite object. Shot in their homes, each child will also tell us the “who” and “why” stories behind their favorite things. Show & Tell will be a weekly feature on Kveller, running through the duration of the school year. The Kveller community–yes, that’s you!–is encouraged to participate (see below).

A Note From Zivar:

Zivar Amrami

I am a documentary photographer, writer, and soon-to-be mother living in Brooklyn, NY. Informed by a passion for storytelling and a curiosity about people and the way we share or hide our face, my art explores questions of relationships and vulnerability.

I embarked on Show & Tell at the beginning of my pregnancy as a way to engage with my growing interest in children; it began as a spark of inspiration and I willingly went along for the ride.

So far I am in awe of the kids, the objects they choose, and this process of discovery—each one with their own wisdom, idiosyncrasies, and imaginative tendencies. It is the conversation which unfolds between us about their favorite object and the relationship forged during our short time together that nurtures the project and allows me to capture an image that speaks to the child’s essential nature.

As I step closer and closer to motherhood, I continue to receive quiet guidance from each child by virtue of the stories they choose to share, whether they are about challenges at school, sibling dynamics, or a passion for princesses. I am grateful to the kids for acting as my teachers and helping me become a better artist and human being. It is my hope that they too receive the gift of this focused time by sharing their inner worlds and what is most beloved to them.

How To Participate:

Instagram a photo of your kid with their favorite object, tell us why this is so, and don’t forget to use hashtag #showandkvell. We can’t wait to check out your children’s favorite objects from around the globe, and we’ll even feature some on our social media pages!

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