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Ivanka Trump Is Getting Ready for Purim…And Maternity Leave

The Trump household is bustling right now. No, we’re not talking about Donald–we’re talking about Ivanka. Like many Jewish moms, she’s getting ready for Purim. Two days ago, she Tweeted a photo of her son helping her make mishloach manot. Mishloach manot are Purim gift baskets traditionally given to family and friends:

She also just posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing one of her own designs, linking to an article she wrote about how to prepare for maternity leave

While it would be ridiculous to ignore the amount of privilege she has (considering her wealth and inheritance) that allows her to take a flexible maternity leave, her advice isn’t bad either. Many women don’t know how to negotiate or stand up for themselves–because we aren’t taught.

However, considering she is a businessperson and entrepreneur and mother, she does know a thing or two about negotiating and the art of the deal. Regardless of her politics, it is admirable to see her advocate for working women who are also mothers.

Some of her best points for negotiating maternity leave include:

“…It’s not necessary to offer to reduce your pay. Instead, approach flextime negotiations with data on how it will benefit your employer. Assure your boss that working from home (either all the time or on a regular basis) is as good for her as it is for you—then deliver on that promise.

You’re legally entitled to 12 unpaid weeks off, but only if you work for a company that employs 50+ people. If you work at a small company, this could actually work to your advantage, because it opens your maternity leave up to negotiation. Regardless of your legal rights, consider negotiating a unique plan.

Staying in the loop and knowing that things are getting done may help you relax and focus on your baby. Choose a day and time that’s consistently convenient for you (e.g., when your mother-in-law is on newborn duty) to spend half an hour chatting with your team. Your first full day back at work will feel more seamless, too.”

Mazel tov to the expectant mom! We hope the rest of her pregnancy goes smoothly.

What do your mishloach manot look like? Share in the comments below.

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