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J.K. Rowling Believes Orphanages Are Bad for Kids

You may not realize that J.K. Rowling, author of the “Harry Potter” series, founded an organization called Lumos. Its mission is to prevent “poor, ethnic minority, or disabled” children from being placed in orphanages unnecessarily.

This week, Lumos posted a tweet about the dangers of donating to orphanages:

This is when celebrity chef José Andrés responded:


Rowling then responded from her personal account, explaining how donating can have unexpected negative results: the fact that children suffer abuse in orphanages:

Rowling, of course, understands the need for state-provided or charity care for some orphans, but believes that there are often better and more nurturing ways to implement that care.

What her organization, Lumos, does, is work to unite children with their families. It also gives money to local community services that help support parents, instead of just separating families–which should be everyone’s goal.

Rowling’s beliefs aren’t too surprising, considering the way she portrayed the harsh treatment of orphans, ranging from her hero, Harry Potter, to archvillain Tom Riddle (aka: young Lord Voldemort), in the “Harry Potter” series.

While the issues of orphanages, and foster care, is deeply complicated, it’s important to open a dialogue about how to make the system better for parents and kids–and find ways to keep families together.

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