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Jamie-Lynn Sigler Opens Up About Her Favorite Family Tradition

Since Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend (can you feel the anxiety already?!), everyone is in a rush to buy presents, make reservations, and get in the spirit of mom. As such, PEOPLE recently interviewed Jewish actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler about how she’s similar to her mom.

Sigler’s mom began by saying how she and Jamie-Lynn are similar, largely because of their fiery attitudes: “She likes to win an argument…and so do I.” (I mean, who DOESN’T like to win an argument, though?)

But Sigler herself had a lot of amazing things to say about how she was parented, and how that is affecting her own parenting style now, stating:

“The way you parent is like that way you were parented…I’m very affectionate with my son, and I know that that’s how I was raised. there was a lot of “I love you’s”, a lot of of hugging, a lot of kisses, a lot of understanding. I’m glad I can instinctually give that to my son. I can see it already paying off. I’m very grateful.” 

Family is important to both women, as Sigler also mentioned her favorite family ritual–which is extremely sweet. She explained:

“We take a yearly picture of my grandmother, my mother’s mom, my mom, and me. And we have it forever, three generations, it’s nice to look back on.” 

Watch the interview for yourself below:

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