Jerry Seinfeld Set Up a Lemonade Stand--Got Cops Called on Him – Kveller
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Jerry Seinfeld Set Up a Lemonade Stand–Got Cops Called on Him

Talk about an overreaction. Jewish comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld and his family set up a roadside lemonade stand in East Hampton, New York. For charity. Proceeds sale went to the Baby Buggy family charity, run by Seinfeld’s wife, Jessica. Apparently this was all cause for calling the cops.

Why all the ruckus? East Hampton Police received a complaint on August 18th about illegally parked cars at the stand, which resulted in an officer arriving on the scene, telling Seinfeld that lemonade stands were not permitted on village property. Appropriately, the newspaper 27 East’s headline read “No Lemonade For You,” referencing the Soup Nazi’ character’s “No soup for you!” cry on Seinfeld’s infamous sitcom.


His wife, Jessica, posted a photo to Instagram depicting their son Julian and two friends during the moment police took action.

Moral of the story? We are truly in a bizarro world.

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