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JetBlue Nails What It’s Really Like Being a Mother Flying With a Crying Baby

We all know that sitting next to a crying baby (or in the general vicinity) isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, especially when you’re on a plane. But all parents can tell you it’s infinitely worse if that crying bundle of sadness is your own kid. For the rest of the flight, you’re extremely anxious and you’re that person everyone else despises–at least for the next X amount of hours.

This is where JetBlue comes into the picture. Right in time for Mother’s Day, JetBlue and agency MullenLowe transformed this anxiety and annoyance by rewarding passengers when babies cry. How exactly?

Well, the “FlyBabies” reward offered a 25% discount to passengers on a flight from JFK to Long Beach each time a baby started crying. Yes, this means if four babies cried, all passengers would get a free round-trip ticket for their next JetBlue flight. Ummm, awesome?

Then, a JetBlue-commissioned study discovered that even though 65% of people say they understand that parents don’t have control of their children on planes, 40% said that crying babies on planes still annoyed them. I guess empathy and compassion only go so far when you’re sleep deprived and stuck in a metal tin in the sky.

While a spokesperson for JetBlue says the airline has no plans to repeat the stunt, she did state that “you never know what JetBlue has up their sleeves!”

I guess next time, create an awesome playlist and get those fancy noise-canceling headphones.

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