Jewish Grandma Creates #GiveGeltForGood to Redefine Hanukkah for Her Grandchildren – Kveller
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Jewish Grandma Creates #GiveGeltForGood to Redefine Hanukkah for Her Grandchildren

Awesome bubbe alert! One of Kveller’s readers, Joyce Kamen, has come up with a pretty sweet idea when it comes to Hanukkah gifting — and she wants to share it with everyone.

Kamen’s plan? To give her three grammar school-age grandchildren a check to be split equally among them, which they will then donate to charities or causes of their choice. Once they do that, they get a sweatshirt commemorating their good deed — and also a ton of bubbe love (which we all know is priceless.) 

According to Kamen, she hopes the alternative Hanukkah gift will teach her grandchildren a lesson about the rewarding practice of giving. She wrote, “It is something I hope they will use for the rest of their lives.”

If you think that’s as cool as we do, you’ll be happy to know Kamen has also created a hashtag in order to share her idea with the world. If you want to spread her message, you can include #GiveGeltForGood in your Tweets, Facebook posts, etc. And if you want to do it yourself, you can familiarize your tiny humans with causes that need support using Kamen’s brilliant 90-second informational video.

Happy giving!

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