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Just For Kicks

I remember when we first felt kicks from the inside. To me it was always special, always amazing. To my wife, it was less so, especially when she was trying to sleep and the zygote was just waking up. (I suppose having a giddy and overeager husband pressing his ear and his palm up against your ballooning stomach in the middle of the night, trying inexplicably to establish some sort of two-tap code, would also contribute to the not-sleeping.)

It’s hard to remember those days, eight months on the other side when one kid is crawling and snotty and threatening to demolish your piles of tax documents with her new train set. That’s why I am loving this video and replaying it all day. It’s called “Kicks.”

Kicks from Jewish Forward on Vimeo.

That little reminder was brought to you by Jake Marmer, whose recent jazz poetry performance was just written up by the New York Times. Almost makes you want to have another baby, doesn’t it? (If you or your partner(s) are suddenly gunning to have another baby and need dissuading, feel free to come over to our place at about 3 a.m. and rock the squirmball to bed. We’ll thank you for it in the morning.)

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