Kveller Hits from the Week of May 14 - 18 – Kveller
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kveller hits

Kveller Hits from the Week of May 14 – 18

The most popular posts from Raising Kvell this week, in case you missed them!

I’m a Failure… and So Are My Kids, by Alina Adams. On why it may be okay to let your kids know they aren’t always perfect.

No Matter How Much We Have, We Always Want More, by Lili Kalish Gersch. Why “Thou shalt not covet” is a hard rule to follow.

Why I Quit My Job, by Jordana Horn. On being an ambitious career woman, and balancing your life as a mother.

Pregnancy: A Suprising Cure for Crohn’s Disease, by Tara Filowitz Arrey. A common disease among Ashkenazi Jews, and how being pregnant helps.

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