Kveller Hits of the Week: August 13 - 20 – Kveller
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kveller hits

Kveller Hits of the Week: August 13 – 20

The most popular posts from Raising Kvell this week, in case you missed them.

– Top 5 Bedtime Books with a Surprising Jewish Twist. These are not Jewish books, per se, but they definitely have some hidden Jewish values tucked inside their awesome rhymes and stories.

– What Kind of Mother Do You Want to Be? The story of a rabbi, a cossack, and how it inspired this mom to be a more patient mother (especially during teeth-brushing time).

– 18 Tips for Taking Care of Babies. Whether it’s your first time around, or you need a refresher course, here are 18 simple rules for those early days of parenthood.

How Do You Discipline a Toddler? Toddlers do a lot of things they can’t really help–like climbing the stairs or biting their mommy. Anyone know of any good ways to gently stop this behavior?

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