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Kveller Hits of the Week: Feb 9-14

This week’s most popular posts, in case you missed them.

My Daughter’s Birth Left Me Scarred, But How Can I Grieve? Her baby was healthy, but, after a complicated c-section, she felt like she had been “hit by a truck.” This heart-wrenching essay by Rachel Minkowsky about healing after traumatic childbirth sparked an heated debate among readers.

Despite Racy Lyrics, Mayim Still Lets Her Sons Listen to Pop Music… In Moderation. Though she raised her boys on Bob Dylan and Peter, Paul and Mary, Mayim’s sons keep requesting Drake, Macklemore and Mylie Cyrus, with some awful, awful lyrics. Do you let your kids listen to pop music?

Why Do We Keep Telling Our Kids “You’re OK”? Another controversial opinion this week had readers split right down the middle. Rachel Stein’s piece questions why parents don’t agknowledge children’s pain when they are hurt or scared.

Jewish Day Camp Was No Problem for my Daughter with Special Needs. Sally Gottesman submitted a lovely essay as part of our Jewish Disabilities Awareness Month (JDAM) series about sending 7-year-old her daughter with special needs to Jewish day camp.

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