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Kveller’s Last-Minute (Jewish) Christmas Roundup

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you probably have realized by now that it’s Christmas day. If you’re part of an interfaith family, this probably means you may be on your way to your in-laws, or cooking some delicious treats. If you don’t celebrate, you’re probably making plans to order in Chinese, see a movie, or just stay in and ignore the traffic.

Either way, we’ve got you covered. Our writers had a lot to say about Christmas this year, so we created a roundup below:

1. Why I’m Baking Challah on Christmas Eve with My Husband

“So, I’m not Jewish. My husband is, however.”

2. Yes, There’s a Cross in My Jewish Home. Here’s Why

“My family background is a mix of secular Jews, Oklahoma Christians, and skeptical Italians.”

3. This Is How My Interfaith Family Does Christmas Jewishly

 “Since marrying my non-Jewish husband, I have struggled with how to handle Christmas.”

4. I Want to Celebrate Christmas, But My Husband Doesn’t

“I come from a sort of interfaith family. While my mother is not technically Jewish, she isn’t really Christian either.”

5. How I Got Santa Removed from My Kid’s School (And Caused a Media Scandal)

“We were told that all three kindergarten classes were going to spend two writing workshops writing a letter to Santa Claus.”

6. Tips on How to Celebrate Christmas with Your In-Laws

“My husband isn’t Jewish, but we’re raising our kids Jewish. My in-laws want us to come celebrate Christmas at their house. How should I handle that?”

7. Jewish Christmas Recipe: Fortune Cookie Cupcakes

“These Fortune Cookie Cupcakes are the perfect way to end your Chinese-inspired Shabbat meal on Christmas.”

8. I’ve Got Christmas Envy…in Jerusalem

“My first memory of realizing what Christmas was all about took place in my second grade classroom. I was the only Jewish girl in my school.”

9. This Is What It’s Like Being a Jew in the South During Christmas 

“We have all faced some amount of anti-Semitism here.”

10. If Santa Chilled with Two Jews On Christmas Eve

“Our new favorite comedy duo Soren and Jolles created a video where Santa becomes their (sort of) new BFF.”

11. My Orthodox Jewish Kids Are Obsessed with Christmas

“‘I see Christmas! It’s Christmas there, see it?’”

12. How Do I Give Up Christmas for My Jewish Partner When I Don’t Really Want To?

“By any chance, are you sleeping with Moishe le Grinch? Your partner needs a swift kick from Santa’s boot and a night sleeping in the crèche.”

13. Why I Lied to My Toddler About Our Neighbors’ Christmas Lights

“Though my neighbors across the street first put up their Christmas lights a few days after Thanksgiving, it wasn’t until the first night of Hanukkah when my almost 4-year-old noticed them.”

14. I’m a Jew Who’s Obsessed with Christmas Lights

“When my son was a toddler, we would drive slowly by each house, sometimes even walking around the outside of the house if there were a lot of decorations.”

15. RECIPE: Chocolate Peppermint Rugelach

“My mother only imparted two pieces of dating advice to me before she passed away: never marry a man with a hairy back, and marry a nice Jewish boy like your father.”

16. I Admit It, I Love Having a Christmas Tree and I’m Jewish

It’s just a tree, became my mantra. “You’re a Jew!” It’s just a tree. “So you celebrate Christmas now?” It’s just a tree.”

17. Tips for Interfaith Families on How to Talk About Christmas

“We’re raising our kids Jewish, and my husband is Christian. How do I explain Christmas to them so that they know it’s not something we celebrate as a family, but without alienating my husband and his family?”

18. How German Christmas Markets Are Actually Pretty Jewish

“December is the month that rewards us with not only Hanukkah but our annual pilgrimage to the German Christmas markets.”

19. Why I’m Going to Start Decorating for Christmas Even Though I’m Jewish

“This year my 14-year-old daughter who possesses a highly developed sense of taste and style (much to my budget’s chagrin) suggested that we deck the house out for the holidays.”

20. When My Son Got the Lead in His School Play…There Was Just One Problem

“’All is done in the name of Jesus.’”

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