Kveller's Suzanne Samin Goes on Live Radio to Talk About the Blazin' Seder – Kveller
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Kveller’s Suzanne Samin Goes on Live Radio to Talk About the Blazin’ Seder

In case you missed it, Kveller made a bit of a splash or, shall we say, a smoke with an article we entitled: Blazin’ Seder: How to Incorporate Marijuana Into Your Passover Celebration. Though credited to me, the esteemed Rabbi Haim Rosenblum, the ingenious seder was actually written by Kveller’s editorial assistant Suzanne Samin.

The seder-gone-wrong-or-right-depending-on-your-particular-preferences caught the attention of CJAD800, a news radio station based in Montreal, Canada. A representative of The Barry Morgan Show reached out to Kveller and offered me, Haim, the chance to come on the show. While I am a mooch, a one-upper, and certainly an all-around curmudgeon, I’m not a spotlight stealer, so out of the kindness of my heart I allowed Suzanne to enjoy her time in the spotlight.

Listen to her interview below:

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